What is a smile therapy?

Once you change your facial expression, your heart and mind will change as well.

There are two types of smile. The smile that everyone regularly uses is called a laugh (or laughing) because something is fun or funny. On the other hand, Mac smile is a created smile. In other words, it's fun because you smile.

By creating your smile, you can change your mind from negative to positive. As a result, it will improve your health, aesthetics and interpersonal relationships.

The objective is to improve your overall human capability by improving your appearance with smile training, and your inner strength with mental training.

Principle 1 - Facial double feedback effect

Facial Double Feedback Effect
(Known as the endorphin effect)

(1) When the brain detects that you're having fun or liking something, it will naturally raise your mouth's corner. Conversely, by artificially raising your mouth's corner, your brain will believe that you are actually having fun or liking something.

(2) This is because a pleasure hormone called ?endorphin gets released in the brain. In other words, your brain misunderstands that you're having fun because of the raising of your mouth's corner.

(3) And the fun that your brain senses will create a feedback effect on your face, producing a true, natural smile as a result.

Principle 2 - Mirror effect

Mirror Effect

Imagine a mirror between you and the other person. When you smile, they will smile right back; when they smile, you smile right back at them. Conversely, the transfer of your grim face onto the other person is called the reverse mirror effect.