Choosing the right course

Please choose the right course that fits your objective and needs.

Business Course

Wants the most basic training in hospitality The store's impression is gloomy with bad ambiance Problems with not knowing how to instruct a smile Wants to re-learn the hospitality manners

Smile Hospitality Seminar

We begin by learning the basics by understanding that the store's hospitality mannerism affects its impression; we will then learn and improve practical hospitality skills.

Wants active communication in the workplace Feels distance with subordinates due to poor communication skills Feels like the motivations of subordinates and other employees are going down

Active Communication Seminar

Program designed for managers and those with leadership roles. We will learn effective business communication mannerism via program based on practical role playing to promote a smooth interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

Wants to lighten the mood of employees Wants to take their regular mental health training to a higher level Wants to promote basic knowledge regarding mental health

Smile Mental Health Seminar

Supports mental health education in the workplace via various training programs, including skill training that involves introduction of mental health basics with smile therapy, relaxation training, etc.

Wishes to actively educate business manners Wishes to improve their own motivation Wishes to train with a different approach,
as the skill improvement trainings are becoming mundane.

Smile Business Manner Seminar

Ex.) Skill improvement program that caters to many types of people, including new employees to experienced associates. We will customize and propose a training program that best suits your needs.

Personal Therapy

For those who are not good at leaving great first impressions Those who are shy Those who were told t have scary face Those who work in management or sales,
and can't smile naturally due to a contorted face

Basic course - improve likability

You will learn the trick to having a beautiful smile anytime, anywhere.

Those who think that they are not a good talker Mind goes blank when you are in front of someone with opposite sex Can't play the communication catch ball You don't like yourself that much, and don't have confidence

Romance Course

Love training with tips and
communication guides that leave great impression and teaches you the psychology of men and women

Problems with interpersonal relationships Busy with work, and don't have any time Haven't laughed recently Becomes depressed many times Would like to feel happier

Anti-depression course

Practical training that deals with smiling that will brighten your expression,
and would make your mentality positive.

Would like to strengthen their mentality Wants to fight off bullying
Wants to change!!
Would like to change your self image drastically

Only-one course

We will plan out a special curriculum that fits your needs.
We will support your desire to change!