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"MAC Smile Therapy" was developed from
various research and point of view of expression study, psychology, philosophy, yoga, zen, aesthetics, health, etc.
Its effectiveness is gaining quite the popularity in the business and education industries.

The smiling effect on health, aesthetics, mentality and interpersonal relationships
will be taught from various angles.

A fervent speech will also be given on solutions to interpersonal relationships in the workplace
to address the theme of "social depression," which is becoming even more serious recently.


Chairman Mac Akasaka Chairman: Mac Akasaka

Lecture Theme

  • Smile Therapy
  • The importance of smiling
  • Smiling and communication
  • How to establish workplace communication
  • Mental health and communication
  • Application of smiling at medical/nursing environment
  • Smile communication in educational setting,


Lecture fee

2 hours: starting from 200,000 yen (can be individually negotiated)

Actual cost of transportation, lodging and trip will also be incurred.

Estimated travel expense?
Within Tokyo metropolitan area: Free
Within 200km: 20,000 yen
Within 500km: 30,000 yen
Within 1,000km: 50,000 yen

Previous lectures;

  • Utsunomiya Dental Hygienists Association
    "Smile seminar for beautiful smile"
  • Minato International Association
    "Smile Dance"
  • Shinjuku seminar
    "Smile Therapy"
  • Board of Education, Aichi Prefecture
    "Smile seminar in the educational environment"
  • Youth Medical Association and Foundation
    "Receptionist smile seminar in medical setting"
  • Kawaguchi Municipal Nursing School
    "Graduation Memorial Lecture"


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