Monthly Group Seminar: Check out this month's one-day-only special lesson!! Smile Therapy Association - For Those Wishing to Boost Their "Smile Confidence"Smile therapy will bring out your best self forward.Hospitality training is also available.

Would you also
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Smile Therapy Association
is currently looking for members
to spread the word on smile therapy around the world.

Membership qualification Those who are interested in smile therapy, and can participate in word-of-mouth activities
Membership benefits Individual membership Registration fee: 10,000 yen Annual fee: 10,000 yen
Smile Therapy 1 session course (100 min) Free
Monthly Seminar (2 hrs) Free

Special membership Registration fee: 100,000 yen Annual fee: 200,000 yen
Smile Therapy 3 sessions course 2 courses Free
Monthly Seminar - 3 sessions Free

Business membership Registration fee: 200,000 yen Annual fee: 200,000 yen
Monthly Seminar - 2 sessions (4 hrs) Free

All members can participate in newsletters, events, seminars and lectures from the chairman.
Application Please fax us the registration form. FAX:03-5545-7118
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