Introduction of Instructors

Mac Akasaka (Picture)

Mac Akasaka

Personal History
  • Graduated Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University
  • Worked at Itochu Corporation
  • Developed and devised a therapy that is based on the American concept of smiling, with analysis of "social psychology," "expression studies, "yoga," "zen," etc.
  • 2003 - Started Smile Therapy in Akasaka
  • 2004 - Established Smile Therapy Association
  • In the same year, he was awarded with "Social and Cultural Achievement Award" by the Social and Cultural Center.
  • June 2005 - Established International Smile Therapy Association in Los Angeles, U.S.
  • He is currently making appearance internationally on TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, lectures, etc. with Akasaka, Tokyo and Los Angeles as his base.
  • Qualification: Doctor of Medicine, Ph.D. in Social Psychology

Funky Takeshi (Picture)

Personal History
  • Graduated University of Doshisha, Faculty of Commerce. Started a venture business during college, and several stores in real estate and service industry, and had been listed on the billionaires ranking before.
  • After realizing that "smiling" is the first step in communicating with customers from 20 years of management experience, he decided to join the association. Worked as a secretary for "Mac Akasaka," the association chair.
  • Uniquely devised the "Life Resetting Method via Fasting" to pursue happiness and mental gymnastics, and is currently advocating this in his lectures. Conducts training of "positive thinking" method that involves employee training on dealing with clients, manners, mind frame on work, as well as mental solution during adversary events, etc.
  • Qualification: registered real estate broker, chef

Kazuna Masuda (Picture)

Personal History
  • After graduating college, sold parts for Matsushita Electric Works. Worked in the hospitality field at Asada Restaurant in Akasaka. Currently working as an actor in a theatrical company in Tokyo, and as an instructor for various classes.
  • Qualification: Curator
  • Certified instructor of Smile Therapy Association