Introduction to personal therapy

Features of personal therapy

  1. Facial muscle training to create shiny and smooth skin without spots or wrinkles.
  2. Smile training to create an attractive expression.
  3. Positive thinking to resolve stress and depression.
  4. Improving your first impression to make your interpersonal relationships better.

Personal Course List

Basic Likability Improvement Course: lecture on tips to create a beautiful smile anywhere, anytime

Recommended - Romance Course: Love training with tips and communication guides that leave great impression and teaches you the psychology of men and women

Recommended - Anti-depression Course: practical training seminar to turn negative mentality into a positive one via a smile.

Only One Course: various support for interviewing, auditioning, or those who frequently get up in front of a crowd.

Smile Fasting Course: course where you can easily and practically experience fasting on 2nights/3days seminar

Smile Makeup Course: technique on making your face look like you're smiling all the time with a smile makeup.