Anti-depression Course: practical training seminar to turn negative mentality into a positive one via a smile. Return to the list

Course Introduction

Are you feeling tired recently?? Those who get scared of their own expression every time they look in the mirror should take caution!
Laughing is very important in releasing your stress. After laughing for a while, your emotions start becoming positive,
and a good spiraling cycle develops. Rather than worrying about something, your priority should be to change your action!
Practical training seminar that will brighten up your body and mind

First meeting
  • Counseling
  • Self check and analysis of stress
  • Create a training program
Second meeting
  • Mental effect of smiling
  • Yoga breathing/posture
  • Mental basic training
    (Facial expression training, smile training, straight face training)
  • Mental training to create a positive mind,
    self image enhancement training (role playing)
Third meeting
  • Smile positivity implication method
  • Smile yoga
  • Smile zen
  • Smile steady sitting
  • Smile happiness training method
  • Create smile drill
  • Course summary
Schedule / Fee
  • Basic Course - 3 sessions (100min/session) 80,000 yen

Customer's comments

Student of Depression Resolution Course (42-year old female)
Reason for taking the course
I've been busy and tired with work lately that I subconsciously had an emotionless face, and realized that my face looked very scary. I always had negative thinking, which led to having more problems, and I was sick and tired of living everyday. I went to the book store to find a solution to get better, and stumbled upon a booked called, "Smile Therapy," and it said to just simply start with a fake smile, and I intuitively thought that something inside me might change, so I decided to take the course.
Impression of the course
I was worried at first, but since the teacher was courteous, I naturally started easing my tension, and was able to discuss about my problems in a straight forward fashion. I always brainstormed before acting, but during the course, they told me to simply take action, so I dove into the training on specific ways to make my expression better, as well as training on how to think positively. And something unbelievable happened. As I continued the training and started putting it into practice everyday, I began to have more fun. Even during a hardship or when something bad happens, I naturally became able to think of it in a positive way. I am very grateful to the teachers who lent me their hand. I would like to keep putting their method into use.