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Course Introduction

If you have a positive expression, people will gather around you naturally.
If you can create a beautiful smile anytime of the day, you will surely become the best YOU possible.
Participants will evaluate their facial habits, and go through trainings to learn the secret of improving your impressions rather easily.
Basic course that is useful for anyone, including those who would like to be confident in their expression, those who get up in front of a crowd frequently, those with problems in interpersonal relationships, etc.

First meeting
  • Counseling
  • Analyze smile level
  • Analyze first impression
  • Take picture and video
  • Create a training program
Second meeting
  • Smile theory lecture
  • Yoga breathing/posture
  • Basic training to enrich your expression
    (Facial muscle training, smile training)
  • Straight face training
  • Smile training geared towards specific situations
  • Eye contact technique, tips on improving your first impressions
Third meeting
  • Mental training to create a positive mind
  • Self-image training (role playing)
  • Positive implication method
  • Course summary
  • Take picture and video
  • Smile drill
Schedule / Fee
  • Basic Course - 3 sessions (100min/session) 80,000 yen

Customer's comments

Student of Basic Likability Improvement Course (30 years old, female)
Reason for taking the course
I am a cabin crew, who angers customers and makes mistakes many times when I forget to smile and become busy with work. When I got scolded, my expression worsened, and made even more mistakes. It was definitely a vicious cycle. I searched online as I thought I needed some special training, and found smile therapy.
Impression of the course
The customers thank me more often now. What opened my eyes the most was to have a basic thinking of the concept, "FOR YOU." I began to smile at any given moment in time. As a result, I made far less mistake and received less complaints; the mirror effect made my customers smile, and made the conversation more harmonious. Recently, I've been receiving words of gratitude and thank-you letters, and my work became a lot more enjoyable. I am really glad to have taken this course.
Student of Basic Likability Improvement Course (28 years old, male)
Reason for taking the course
I do sales, but am very bad at connecting with people. The more I get nervous, the more my expression tenses up, and this always lingers in the back of my mind when I'm talking, so I can't seem to communicate well, and end up in an awkward situation with customers.
Impression of the course
At first, the facial expression training was very hard, but after doing it for a while, my face became more flexible, and I' m now more able to relax when talking with customers. Before, I think I was suspicious of other people, but my impression on other people has improved. I realized that if you're smiling, the person with you will also smile; I was bad with making an eye contact, but I became a lot more relaxed. I was not only more confident in my expression, but also in myself as well. My sales performance has gradually improved, and my superior has accepted me and my efforts.