Introduction to business seminars

Features of business seminars

  1. We support creating healthy, bright and positive work environment.
  2. Your business will be transformed via practical guidance.
  3. Positive thinking to strengthen stress resistance.
  4. We will provide a unique curriculum that suits your needs.

Business Course List

Hospitality/Customer Service Seminar

Active Communication Seminar

Mental Health Seminar

Motivation Improvement Seminar

Actual examples of seminar training

Hospitality/Customer Service Seminar, Business Manner Seminar

Family Mart Smile Hospitality Seminar
Sotetsu Building Management Smile Hospitality Seminar
Ucoop Smile Seminar
Nippon Ham Smile Seminar for Salesman
Tokyo Dental Association Smile Hospitality Seminar
Monteroza Inc. Smile Hospitality Seminar
HU-MANAGEMENT JAPAN CO.,LTD. Smile Seminar for Interviews
Three F Co.,Ltd. Smile Seminar for Convenience Stores
Pasona Inc. Smile Seminar for Interview Preparation
Green House Foods Smile Seminar for Hospitality Industry
Docomo Shop Smile Seminar for Hospitality Industry
Joy Pack Leisure Corporation Smile Seminar for Hospitality Industry
Seiyo Food Smile Hospitality Seminar
Tipness, Roppongi Branch Smile Hospitality Seminar
Iwai Co., Ltd. Smile Hospitality Seminar for Beauty Parlor

Active Communication Seminar

Itochu Corporation Smile therapy to improve communication skills

Mental Health Seminar

Yamatake Corporation Smile Therapy Relaxation Training
Denso Corporation Self-care training via smile therapy
Toshiba Smile training for health
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. Smile seminar for health
Totsuka Modi Happiness from smiling! Smile Lecture


Toyota Motor Corporation Smile Dance
Utsunomiya Dental Hygienists Association Smile seminar for beautiful smile
Teachers Association, Aichi Prefecture Smile seminar for educational environment
Japanese Youth Medical Association Smile seminar for receptionists in medical environment
Kawaguchi Municipal Nursing School Graduation Memorial Lecture


Rikkyo University Job interview preparation
Onet Smile that leads to dating success
Minato International Association Smile Dance
Shinjuku seminar Smile Therapy Lecture
Ebisu Yomiuri Nippon Cultural Center Smile Therapy Lecture
Yokosuka Yomiuri Nippon Cultural Center Smile Therapy Lecture
Tipness Event smile seminar