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Course Introduction

Smile therapy will allow the improvement of business skills of new employees, as well as the executives.

Basic Curriculum
  • The benefit and effect of smiling
  • Smile theory lecture
  • Basic training to enrich your expression
    (Warm-up, facial muscle training, smile training)
  • Mental training to create a positive mind
    (Self image enhancement training, smile positive implication method)
Optional curriculum
  • Greeting, dressing, attitude, bowing method
  • Correct way of using the honorifics
  • Talk training (How to talk so it's easy to understand, how to report, communicate and consult)
  • Client support
  • Visitation manners
  • Phone support (Receiving, calling, transferring, out-of-office support, asking for a call-back)
  • Presentation skills
  • Technique on responding to complaints
  • Appearance improvement training
    (Makeup lesson, fashion course, hair styling, etc.)

    ? Schedule and contents will be arranged according to your requests.

Our past clients

Metropolitan General Hospital

"Smile seminar for medical environment"
Training request / background information
I found an article on smile therapy in magazines for nurses. We have education and training once a year, but I consulted the Smile Therapy Association to plan out a seminar that closely resembles my theme. I felt that it was a necessary skill for nurses who support patients and their families, as well as for doctors as well.
Student survey results
Survey responses of PDF/Patient Treatment Seminar (2 hours)

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