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Course Introduction

Many businesses are now placing mental health solutions as top priority in the area of occupational health.
This is because workers are starting to suffer from depression and stress-related conditions more frequently.
Our curriculum will heighten stress resistance of individuals and business as a whole, by having a practical focus and placing importance on creating a bright work environment through smiling.

Happiness from smiling!Smile Therapy Course ~Maximizing the health of your heart and body~

You will learn the through process and way of life that can withstand stress via practical training that involves smiling as the basis for creating a positive expression, and ultimately shifting your mentality into the realm of positivity, which will improve the health of your mind and body. You may also be able to liven up internal communications.

Target audience
  • General employees, managers, etc.
  • What is a smile therapy?
  • Analyze smile level
  • Smiling effect (health, aesthetics, mentality, interpersonal relationships)
  • Basic training to enrich your expression
    (Facial muscle training, smile training)
  • Straight face training
  • Mirror Effect
  • Trinity Theory
  • Creating a positive mind! Self-image training
  • Positive/negative words
  • Smile positivity implication method
  • Stress control method
  • Create smile drill

Is your mind/heart healthy? ~Worker's stress management~

In the modern era, it is said that we now live in a stressful society, where businesses and individuals working there are living everyday feeling various stress. When the stress level exceeds the individual's limit, it will start inducing physical and emotional problems.
The most important prerequisite of a self-care is to recognize the problem when you start feeling the stress, and solve it at its early stage. The lecture will include practical trainings on stress control methods that are crucial for workers.

Target audience
  • General employees, managers, etc.
  • What is mental health?
  • Significance and importance of mental health solutions
  • Emotional health strategy
  • Measuring your stress level
  • Importance of health management and self care
  • How to brighten up your emotion
  • How to have quality sleep/rest
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Quick and easy relaxing method
  • Utilization of smile therapy that creates positive mind

Are your subordinates happy? ~Manager's stress management~

Lecture will be very specific, including the acquisition of mental health knowledge that a manager should have, worker communication method, countermeasures for those who are mentally ill, etc.

Target audience
  • Managers, executives
  • Stress management and manager's responsibilities
  • Mental care solutions
  • How to recognize the stress given to your subordinates What do you observe about your subordinates?
  • Daily effort leads to a more enriched internal communication
  • Measuring your business' stress level
  • Type of people who easily or don't easily experience mental disorder
  • Manager's self-stress solution
  • How to heighten your stress resistance
  • Utilization of smile therapy that creates positive mind

Our past clients

Auto manufacturer

"Happiness from smiling! Smile Therapy Lecture"
Training request / background information
At our company, we've been implementing mental health training since several years ago, as well as management training (line care training), but as we begun to offer education for the general employees, we began to look for something that can be put into practice everyday, and a lecture that can be fun to listen to, as well as promote active participation. The most convincing reason of why we opted for smile therapy was its theme of "smiling," which can brighten up the mood when talking about mental training, which in general, tends to make people dark and gloomy; people can participate in smile therapy without any hesitation, and it not only has emotional and physical effect on the participants via daily practice, but also improves internal and external communications as well.
Student survey results
PDF - Survey responses of Smile Mental Health Seminar (2 hours)