Active Communication Seminar: training that centers on communication skills necessary in the sales environment. Return to the list

Course Introduction

Your impression on the other person will change depending on your attitude and choice of words.
We will learn communication skills by understanding that especially in the business environment, people are judged based on "appearance (expression, attitude, how they talk),
and by role playing scenarios, such as thinking of what's necessary to boost up one's own self image,
and understanding a condition that's conductive to effective reporting, communication and consultation.

  • What is a smile therapy?
  • Smile's effect on interpersonal relationship
  • Analyze smile level
  • How does your expression look normally?
  • Basic training to enrich your expression (Facial muscle training, smile training)
  • Smile training geared towards specific situations
  • Expression that attracts others to talk to you, and eye contact method
  • Applying it to internal communication
  • Mental training to create a positive mind
  • Correct way of using the honorifics
  • Listening training
  • Tips for when talking in front of people
  • Appearance improvement training
    (Makeup lesson, fashion course, hair styling, color coordination, etc.)

    ? Schedule and contents will be arranged according to your requests.