Smile Hospitality Seminar - improvement in practical business manners via smile training. Return to the list

Course Introduction

The face of a company is the employee. Even the best service can be ruined if the customer support
is lousy.
We begin by learning the basics by understanding that the store's hospitality mannerism affects its impression; we will then learn and improve practical hospitality skills, and conduct various trainings and role playing.

  • The benefit and effect of smiling
  • Training to enrich your expression
    (Warm-up, facial muscle training, smile training)
  • Smile training geared towards specific situations
  • First encounter smile and eye contact
  • Straight face training
  • Greeting, appearance, basic movement
  • How to do an impressionable bow
  • Talk training (How to talk in an easily understandable manner)
  • Mental training to create a positive mind
    (Self image enhancement training, smile positive implication method)
  • Technique on responding to complaints
  • Creating a smile drill

    Schedule and contents will be arranged according to your requests.

Our past clients

Large shopping mall in a suburb

"Smile seminar to improve hospitality manners"
Training request / background information
A competitor opened a new store in the vicinity, resulting in loss of customers, and our store's overall energy started decreasing. I was looking for a training opportunity that addresses service as the basic message, and improve the store's atmosphere as well. I thought that if I tried incorporating too many concepts, people wouldn't be able to remember it all, so I decided to stick to a single concept of the power of a "smile." The most significant aspect of this training is that it perpetuates active participation, instead of a passive, more top-down approach.
Student survey results
PDF - Survey responses of Smile Hospitality Seminar (2 hours)