Frequently Asked Q&A

Q&A(For business)

I am teaching the importance of smiling at our company's education seminars, but I can't seem to get them to smile. What should I do?
Smiling may seem like an easy task, but it is extremely complicated. Most people think that they are smiling, but in fact, their expression looks like a bitter smile to others. Understanding the smile mechanism (facial muscle, etc.) and conducting a proper training are necessary.
How should I smile in front of someone I don't like?
A smile can especially be influenced by your sentiment. Smile therapy separates your mind and body first. You can still raise your mouth's corner even in the presence of your enemy. There's no way the other person will laugh, if your expression spells out a sour look. Raising your mouth's corner = creating a smile = you can gradually start being able to naturally be kind to other people.
Do you respond to detailed requests regarding your curriculum?
Our curriculum is based on smile therapy, but if you have any requests or suggestions on how to improve our method, please let us know. After hearing your request, we will provide your company with the optimal program available.
We would like to have all our our employees take your seminar, but it is impossible in terms of time and budget. Are there any ways to do this?
We have Internal Trainer Nurturing Course. This is a course where we teach our smile therapy know-how to your representative, who will utilize it in your internal education program. It is a course on thoroughly learning everything from smile theory, practical techniques, teaching method, etc.

Q&A(For individual)

Can I start seeing results from taking the Basic Course (3 sessions)?
Most people will achieve better facial expression, and will improve. It will depend on the individual's final objective, and the condition of their face and mentality, so sometimes, we recommend taking few more sessions after the course ends. We consult with the individual to determine this every time.
I'm worried about my facial sagging and wrinkles; would the course improve these as well?
You probably won't change dramatically after a single therapy session, but most people start improving during the training.
Can men participate as well?
Of course. They are all 1-on-1 course, so you won't be combined with a stranger. Please feel free to contact us anytime.
Do we need to bring something to take the course?
We recommend bringing your own writing utensils. You may also bring an old photo of yourself.
How do I make payment?
Tuition fee will be paid by cash on the first day of the course. Furthermore, please acknowledge that a refund will not be given on any tuition fee that has already been paid.
Is reservation necessary?
Yes, we only take reservations. Please let us know your preferred dates via phone or email. Furthermore, our hours of operation is weekday from 10am to 8pm.
I can't commute there on a regular basis due to the distance. Do you have any educational materials where I can practice it at home?
We carry educational materials including text books and videos with various training methods.

For specific inquiries, please email us.